Saturday, December 22, 2007

Was rerailed...

Getting back on course.
Just got some mini commissions done.
I have a gig tonight.. having to borrow my little bro's car.

more updates to come.
Come WED at the latest Ill have a rental.. and itll be on "his" tab.. he who will remain unnamed--seeing that he may have been clever enough to google search me as well......seeing that THAT is how I am able to write a bio on the perpetrator at this point.

Gah. Still so mad and bummed.. and just seeking justice at this point.
He never "bothered" to call it in from his point/perspective to his insurance agent/company. Can we say, "shady"? Yes we can. I just did.
He had 2.5 days to do so. He caused the accident.

His truck weighs 4,300 and something lbs.. vs mine = 2300 or so.
He has a 261 horsepower, quad cab... vehicle with a chrome-ass bumper.
I was braked and stationary..... and I only have 103 horsepower btw....
and yeah... hi!? I am plastic... hopefully recycled plastic.. LOL.. and he is a #$#%#@&**(*^(*^(.

Yeah. He moved my vehicle. Physically moved me... several feet.. at an angle. Into potential oncoming traffic. I was left partway in a lane.. on the road I was awaiting to merge into.. not be PUSHED INTO by someone living through a midlife crisis... he'll be turning 50 years old 3/2. Yes. Uh huh.

Theres a claim out.. it's all been filed. His agent was just waiting to hear from him.. so that they could get things going directly. (VS. my insurance getting involved.. and then having to go after his insurance after mine covers the bills.)

I am giving him the weekend to be smart.. and make the call.
BUT, come Monday, 11 am... Ill be giving both sides a call.

And my USAA will have to otherwise get this giant ball rolling...

He has already inconvenienced me... and I grow angrier at this incident by the hour.
Well... not really.

I am a genuinely positive and happy person.. but when I do reflect on the incident at hand... it's like a switch goes off...

And all the hot headed Italian in me boils... like a spicy sauce straight from Naples.. or make it Sicily.

Afterall.. I was waiting and saving my money to get a new car for the past 4 years...
and now.. my little 2008 Yaris.. brand spanking new.. bought it with just 6 miles.. was treating it like gold...................... is now undriveable!?
This is 2007. And I was driving an 08.

Who the hell gave him the right?

Whatever... I know.. bad things happen to decently good people. :)
And I am alive... and fine.. and that is the most important thing! I know it :) I do.

Im out!


Zitman said...
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Zitman said...

sorry to read about your car. I know how excited you were about getting that car in the first place. I just bought my dream car too and would hate to have it taken from me. best of luck with the whole situation. dont settle on shit! late

Lissy said...

Bad things happen to good people, HOWEVER Karma is a bitch.

I am so sorry about your car, and I wish you could sue for damagaes done to you! Ugh.
He can't legally say sorry, because that would make him responsible in court, I know, I never apologize when I get in accidents, even if it is my fault.
Not to defend the asshole.

Either way, if there is anything I can do to make your situation better-please do NOT hesistate to ask!

Heather Snow said...

Head up, little lady. Accidents happen. You will get a new car. I am glad that you weren't hurt.

I am averaging about a wreck a year... text messaging is the devil.