Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good times.

Glorious days.
I got rear/side ended tonight by a negligent driver of a giant 2005 Nissan Frontier Truck. The only frontier he found, was my little car.

It is going to be some fun trying to make sure I get a brand new car out of this.

He hit me, while we were in a lane, where we could potentially get ready to leave from.. and merge into traffic.

He hit me at what felt like 15 mph? It was a HARD HIT. Could have been faster!?

I was braked at the time... he hit me, heard a large BOOM (thought it was the end of the world!?), and he moved my vehicle 5 ft or so?! Yeah, twas awesome. I ended up in the road.. and fortunately.. no one was coming, so that I didnt get side swiped?!?!? God was totally with me!!!

FHP came, filled a report. He got 4 pts on his license, careless driving.

And me?
I have a car that runs... but shimmies to the right--cause thats normal.(since the wheel base, alignment.. axle everything is screwed up. A slightly dented frame, left fender.. and a Hatch that no longer works.. a bumper that has been pressed in. and mashed....

Its basically awesome.
I was a COMPLETE train wreck earlier. Its funny.. the circumstances.

Giant truck.. little Yaris.


And yeah... taking pics tomorrow morning.. and getting ready to take on State Farm head on.. to ensure I get all that I deserve coming to me.

And be it, a new car... since now it is salvage --I mean, honestly.. the wheels are completely misaligned? I am NOT entitled to that. I was planning on keeping this car 10 years--like I did with my previous car. WTF!? Im not looking to sell this car at all.. I am looking to get what I originally payed for BACK.

Big cars = big problems.
Come on AMERICA.. realize that the universe shouldnt revolve around you. And your big car fetish.

Im out.

Oh, and you better believe that this will be resolved in MY COMPLETE and TOTAL favor.. or mark my words, you will see me on the news with this story. Unfort, I say this, because of so much negative info I have found on the web tonight with Statefarm,.. and how they cut corners with repairs.. and how you really have to FIGHT to get what you truly deserve.


l e d o said...

That sucks, you just got that car. said...

Right? Def. Ill be fighting this all the way. He's totally inconveniencing me... and Ill be getting a rental soon... unreal. mad mad mad, maria. :)