Friday, December 07, 2007

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!

Ok, real quick.

You all know how I am some "weird", hippie... tree-hugging fool! That's right!!!

WELL, alright--popped into Chamberlins yesterday, in the Winter Park Village.
Which, by the way, is a store that carries natural/organic/enviro-typically-friendly food and vitamins... and is in "yuppyville" USA--well...

When I was checking out with my 2 tiny little items....

The woman proceeded to assume, and place my stuff in a plastic bag.
I obviously cringed, and spoke up stating--"Oh no..that's ok.... I don't need a bag..."

She proceeded to give me a "weird face"... like most people who aren't enviro-friendly.. or don't realize that plastic bags are a WASTE.. esp little things.. that God forbid... you can carry by hand/arm...

And I asked her.. (I have my own canvas bags btw... but still)... I asked her.."HEY.. do you all sell any canvas/reusable bags here?"

And she said... "No."

And I just thought to myself... wow... if your "competitor" wholefoods.... as well as any other grocery store right now, it seems,.. atleast make an attempt and sell the reusable bags...wouldn't it just make good business sense to offer the same?

Any who... I left a msg just now with a guy named Joe up in CORPORATE. who hopefully will (better) get back to me today about my few inquiries for him..... as far as the reasoning behind WHY they aren't already making further steps..... esp since I bought a bar of friggin 70% dark chocolate(high in antioxidants) that gave 10% of the profits to endangered species...... I mean... hi! You have chocolate that "helps" the environment... your whole STORE is full of things to better yourself, mind, .. ... yet.. plastic bags?

So.. anywho....................

Hopefully I will talk a little more sense into him and their game plan.... and hopefully we can work something out... and start offering some more positive change....

Worse case... I am thinking I'll be getting a petition in please.. let me be able to count on YOU ALL.. and anyone you know... to jump on this bandwagon.. and make Chamberlins realize that they too need to take a BIGGER stand on informing the public and to help make more of a difference.... so that soon.. plastic bags will become OBSOLETE in this country....

MUCH LIKE they have become banned in the UK:(most all parts)... ask my great friend Kelly!!! (on the top of my friend's links!!)
A great read: (PLEASE READ!!!!!!!)

It only makes sense.
And please let me be able to count on you.
Thanks for your time, and Ill keep you posted on this matter.

In the meanwhile...... do you use reusable containers when at any store?
Try it. :O)
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Maria :)
And by the way... my little Yaris does get it's advertised 34/39 miles to the gallon. YEAH. Amazing... next time.. a hybrid. And soon after that... teleportation.... it's true ;O)


ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Awesome Maria! Recycling annoys my family (mostly because I dig through the trash and tell them stuff they threw away is recyclable) I dig so much stuff out that by the end of the week, I fill up two recycling bins, overflowing with the stuff. Good stuff! and oh so true about the plastic bags! blah to them. And also, we went the Amicalola for Thanksgiving! how funny is that?! It is awesome over there! the falls are gorgeous! :D talk to you later! said...

DUDE! You sound like me! I scold my rents... anyone! I dog through the trash too!!! LOL! We're mole people.. what can I say!? J/k... we just give a bigger shit about the world! :O)

Good for you man! That's awesome though! Yeah.. Im actually trying to get just better at reducing all together... seeing that THAT is the better solution! Crazy, right!? Thats awesome though.... totally made my night reading this!

AND.. that is too funny with Amicalola! YEAH.. I am obsessed with that park right now actually.. so nice you live so close! Yeah.. the falls was amazing.. the whole damn place.. TOO funny you all were there! Yeah.. Andrew and I camped in a tent up there... and one night.. it got just below 25 degrees! YEAH! We were frozen! But survived! And it was just part of the overall adventure of being there... so .. we, loved it anyhow. How awesome! Ill have to bug you next time we're up that way. TOO FUNNY you just treaded where we were a few weeks ago.. small world ;o)
Rock on man! KEEP on keeping GREEEeeeeeeeeeeeen! ;O)
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;O)
ps: I havent talked to Edwin.. nor seen him, since August 20th I believe..... feels soooooo good. I know you know and appreciate the feeling!!! :O)
HOLLA!!!!!!!!!! said...

*LOL.. dig.. NOT DOG through the trash... ha ha .