Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UPDATES... wow...

HELLO! It's been a while since I updated.. wow. WELL.. this is a pic of me with my latest haircut. I cut off 6+ inches myself this past Saturday, as basically, a walking billboard for this AWESOME organization: http://matteroftrust.org/
What this San Fran based company is doing is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! They collect CLEAN, human (head) hair, and also, clean pet fur, along with old panty hose/nylons (EVEN the ones with HOLES in them!)to then stuff the hair in the nylons, to then create these things called, "BOOMS", that float above the surface of the water, to then collect OIL, like that from the HUGE OIL SPILL in the GULF that recently happened!!!
HOW AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL IS THIS in which they are doing to help!?!? I LOVE THIS! So, ladies and gentlemen, save your clean locks, and mail them off to this company!
More can be learned here from this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwQOD_Ir2vQ
I am shaving my Border Collie Mix dog soon, and then mailing off her hair, and my hair combined. Hoping that our combined efforts may very well save a sea turtle or bird in the near future! We need all the help we can get out there in the Gulf! PLEASE consider passing this onward for the critters... thank you thank you in advance! ;)


Below, you'll see a front and back of a biz card I am making for a local Animal related Welfare Group that I am a part of. Feel free to check out the website. TOGETHER We can all work toward putting an END to Animal Abuse! Thanks for caring!

This is a current project I am working on for a local SPCA here in Central FL :)
This will simply be used for the web/digital formatting. They're trying to raise some funds in order to revamp their Cat Room at the shelter, in order to accommodate more cats, as well as, just make it a better environment for those looking to adopt and save their next bestfriend ;) I'm happy with how this is coming out :)

This was a commissioned caricature I had created for a friend of mine ;) Super heart how it came out :)


So yeah.. it's been a while!
Been busy with a caricature gig left and right, and diff animal and environmental related events and such. It's been just awesome. No complaints. Needing to get on the ball moreso with different things. Just trying to stay motivated! WhoOo Hooo
More updates to come, and thanks for your time! ;)

--Maria ;)