Thursday, March 06, 2008

WE GOT MARRiED!!!!!!!!!!!

To the greatest guy!!!

-Feb 23rd..
-Just Andrew, myself... God.. and a few witnesses :)
-We were gone Feb 21-March 4th
-Went hiking, biking, trekking, camping/lodging, snorkeling, boating, horseback riding (SCARY btw!!!) ... swam with a random giant green sea turtle...saw humpback whales.. tons of tropical fish... the rare and endangered monk seal,... wild goats in the mountains.. albatross in the skies.. as well as other adorable birds...
and just had an awesome awesome awesome and amazing time.

*Did I mention we hitch-hiked up a trail with some random, nice people, got drunk with some new-found farmer friends,.. and also.. crashed/slept out on the floor of a timeshare that was owned by some nice random Canadians we met on a boat trip...
Crazy, Aye?! :)

(*We tried to be as "eco-friendly" as we could when we got there... I carried around with me my reusable, stainless steel mug.. for all coffee ventures.. and we refused plastic and styrofoam when we could...and opted for NO plastic bags.. and made sure we reused our hotel towels more than once... left lights off... used minimal air.. etc etc etc...)

just a few pics... more to come....

what an amazing.. amazing time we had.

AND now... to look into buying some carbon credits...
.. long.. long flight... tons of CO2 released... eek!

*And yeah.. my rents did NOT kill me... alls good! ;)

Maria Bolton-Joubert :)
Oh yes.. hyphenated, baby! :)