Tuesday, October 31, 2006


...reworking some biz cards for my daddio.. he had a LOT of info to put on the front of the card... a lil bit of a challenge...

theres a trim that will be cut offa here once theyre made... so... if it looks a little odd on the corners.. that is why... anyways... ok... more to come with what I have been keeping myself busy with... whooooooooot!

some updates...

Been busy with some freelance... and also... worked on the following logo for a good friend of mine who lives in New Hampshire... and also working on building her website.. should have it officially up and running by later today...here's a sneak peak to that:


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

space cadets!

I wanna do this one up in illustrator if i make the time.... should be cute. some poppy, punchy vectory art would be good for this idea. it's me and my doggie. yay.

ok.... its only noon! perhaps a shower and some food would do me good! ;o)

IF ANYONE is wondering.. all these faces.. and images posted are of fellow peers within the NCN--National Caricature Network. ;o)

It's my DUTY to draw them zaney ;o)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

gotta walk away from my compuer... i need daylight



i can still sketch better by hand then with my wacom.... getting better.
some random thing i thought up yesterday... more to come... possibly less weird. no guarantees.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

no real reason at all....

still awake...

my homage to the simpsons...
the hurricane strikes again!!! ;o)

moon mike!

ok... so perhaps.. i am getting sleepie...

one from the other... taken from the ncn forum.. whoot whoot.
how dare i...

sleep is for the weak.
pthhhhhhpttttttttttt! ;o)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

if only...

truly,... if there were only more hours in the day... so much to do.
i have so many ideas.
i have so many wants.
and desires within the art world.
just a blurg about that.
anyhow.... the convention was awesome.
a tremendous kick in the rear.
so much work to do.

**SORRY about the glare from the flash on some of these... I worked with a ballpoint BIC pen.. so... it's a common error...)
so here are some images to help recap my end of the deal...
first... here's Fishwick and Bill... then shots my versions of Ryan and Jackie... and then of Paul and Jan op De BEAK.... and then "my wall" that I created within the four days....

so much to improve upon ;o) g'night!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


more to come soon... so so tired... 4 am.... and back to the ol' drawing board in 5 hrs... literally.

more on this soon.. but basically..... can I just say that I am having a BALLLLLLL at this year's National Caricature Network convention?!?!? HOLYSHIT, BATMAN. SO MANY ARTISTS. SO MANY FACES. SO LITTLE TIME.

more soon.
and art.
no farts.
just art.