Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Completed! :)

Mission accomplished!
An awesome commission... and a fun, new image to place up on my website..
Now to do more illustration stuff like this..

Used: Originally: drew the image with a dry sharpie, and colored-in with color sticks.
THAN... cut out drawing, mounted on 11 by 14 inch poster board with rubber cement..
THAN added acrylic paint, ball point pen, and some prisma color markers to this piece.

fun fun!

night for now!
Maria :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008


FINALLY updated my website!!!

More updates to come!
NOW to run around outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


***ALSO.. here's a photo of a commissioned painting I did a little while back for this awesome chick named Jennifer-- a picture of their dog, as a gift for her significant other!!! AWWW :)
I was lame.. and never took a picture of it, and she was kind enough to send one over to me! :)

Thanks again, Jenn! You're awesome!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Finder's Keepers!!! ;)

Isn't this illustration just awesome?!

I salvaged these from my neighbor's trash earlier today (Told you all I'm a hippie)... and I have a BUNCH of stuff to drop off at the Salvation Army now, as well!!!
I don't understand how people can throw away such beautiful, functional things?!
Best to donate... someone will make use of it! Trust me! This dealio with the rooster.. it's an old plate warmer.. no longer will work (missing electrical components) however... it's awesome! And I plan to hang it up in the kitchen! SO retro! It just screams the 70s!!! I love it!!! :)

Had to show you this... kinda creepy.

And this was just funny to me. Poor lady. I don't even know if she finished high school. Atleast she probably kept the house clean! Teasing.. teasing... I occasionally bake and cook as well :)


AND.. don't you just LOVE these drawings?!?!? MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK.. a gig later today.. and more brain storming.. and working etc etc...
Will be revamping my site soon.. totally looking forward!

Im out!

thought this was funny

I was just joking the other day about this with a friend of mine...
...as to how these security measures that different sites are taking now adays..
well.. they're getting hard to read!

To me.. this almost looks like Elvish! Where's Froto to translate...
...though.. I did get it right...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

SELLING MY LIFE AWAY!!! ;O) In a good way . . .

So hey, kids!!!

I am basically trying to sell everything I own!!!
WHY!? Because I am ONLY 25 years old.. and somehow was able to accumulate so MUCH STUFF so far in my short little life!!! And it's stuff I am not using.. so... why not turn around, and get rid of it... and try to make a wee profit!? Bout time.. I don't KNOW what I've been waiting for!!! I've already dropped off bags and bags and bags to the Salvation Army... and they'll be getting even more soon...

MY stuff on EBAY that I am trying to get rid of:


So, selling a few pieces of art on etsy.com -- with more to be posted up SOON...


and also... on amazon.......... (no real link to provide you.. sorry!)

So.. feel free to browse.. and if you wanna help me out... bid and buy!!!

I'm getting closer and closer to becoming an ideal minimalist!

Hope all are well.. no complaints here... drawing caricatures at a local church for the next few days.. and will split my earnings with them. :)

TOTALLY looking forward to this! It'll be a blast!

Have a good one!
Maria :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

fun times...

So... theyre working on my Yaris again.... maybe Ill get it back tomorrow.. but.. in the meanwhile... I LOVE my Prius Rentals. That's right.
This is the second time I've rented one now.. I must say.. Candy Red is fun. And getting 50 PLUS miles to EACH gallon... is even "FUNNER"!!!! :O) ::YAY::

This is me showing off the Hybrid at a random "car show" at a nearby Sonics. I had to.
Yeah.. so what if everyone else had a "muscle" car Camaro or Corvette. I win! ;o)

Monday, February 04, 2008

An outing and a gig.........

Gorgeous Swan.. taken whilst walking round Lake Eola last week........

Love them.

Thought this was funny. Even MORE bird poop on the back end of this over priced car!!!.......... Birds don't discriminate.. love it :)

This was the CUTEST, best-behaved little boy I have EVER drawn. He was amazing!!!
GAH!!! Forgive the blue-ish tint on my camera... anyways...
Was a GREAT gig this weekend......... tons of awesome, little smiling faces! :)

Caught these beautiful birdies on the camera. Don't they look so peaceful!?

Totally awesome... father and son outing.... ;O) ::awwww::

Caught this amazing hawk in my sights... least.. I think it's either a red-tail hawk... or Osprey... gotta google search this guy... Beautiful though, regardless.

Wish I were canoeing.......... kayaking.................. soon.

Ok.. out for now!
--Maria :)

*all and all.. great weekend.. saw some old friends.. drew a bunch of awesome faces. :O)


Saturday, February 02, 2008

.. just an idea.....................

sleeping soon!

and a gig tomorrow! whoooo HOOooo :O)

Friday, February 01, 2008

working on...........

this is just a rough...
final round will be in illustrator............
to aide in the punchy-poppy-ness.