Thursday, February 07, 2008

SELLING MY LIFE AWAY!!! ;O) In a good way . . .

So hey, kids!!!

I am basically trying to sell everything I own!!!
WHY!? Because I am ONLY 25 years old.. and somehow was able to accumulate so MUCH STUFF so far in my short little life!!! And it's stuff I am not using.. so... why not turn around, and get rid of it... and try to make a wee profit!? Bout time.. I don't KNOW what I've been waiting for!!! I've already dropped off bags and bags and bags to the Salvation Army... and they'll be getting even more soon...

MY stuff on EBAY that I am trying to get rid of:

So, selling a few pieces of art on -- with more to be posted up SOON...

and also... on amazon.......... (no real link to provide you.. sorry!)

So.. feel free to browse.. and if you wanna help me out... bid and buy!!!

I'm getting closer and closer to becoming an ideal minimalist!

Hope all are well.. no complaints here... drawing caricatures at a local church for the next few days.. and will split my earnings with them. :)

TOTALLY looking forward to this! It'll be a blast!

Have a good one!
Maria :)

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