Sunday, February 10, 2008


FINALLY updated my website!!!

More updates to come!
NOW to run around outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


***ALSO.. here's a photo of a commissioned painting I did a little while back for this awesome chick named Jennifer-- a picture of their dog, as a gift for her significant other!!! AWWW :)
I was lame.. and never took a picture of it, and she was kind enough to send one over to me! :)

Thanks again, Jenn! You're awesome!!!


l e d o said...

Man, nice web site, good job. Its action packed. I love your vector work. You rule. Now I want to go update mine. said...

HA! Thanks man! You're awesome! Even more updates to come!!! I gotta check yours out as well here... hope all is well! Fidler's sometime soon! Or mellow mushroom! We should totally round up the troops! Whatdya say!? HOLLA! Mariaaaaaaa ;O)