Friday, February 08, 2008

Finder's Keepers!!! ;)

Isn't this illustration just awesome?!

I salvaged these from my neighbor's trash earlier today (Told you all I'm a hippie)... and I have a BUNCH of stuff to drop off at the Salvation Army now, as well!!!
I don't understand how people can throw away such beautiful, functional things?!
Best to donate... someone will make use of it! Trust me! This dealio with the rooster.. it's an old plate warmer.. no longer will work (missing electrical components) however... it's awesome! And I plan to hang it up in the kitchen! SO retro! It just screams the 70s!!! I love it!!! :)

Had to show you this... kinda creepy.

And this was just funny to me. Poor lady. I don't even know if she finished high school. Atleast she probably kept the house clean! Teasing.. teasing... I occasionally bake and cook as well :)


AND.. don't you just LOVE these drawings?!?!? MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK.. a gig later today.. and more brain storming.. and working etc etc...
Will be revamping my site soon.. totally looking forward!

Im out!

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Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

I'm glad you saved it from the big garbage heap in the sky. You're not allowed to throw electrical equipment in the trash any more. (well at here in California) The mercury and other bad stuff in its components seeps into the water.
Very bad mojo indeeed.
Thanks for the save Maria.