Friday, January 11, 2008

My Battle with Chick-Fil-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has just started...
here's the latest..
other than the petition I just started today..and hope to get thrown around..:

AND... heres the convo's back and forth so far..

This was my weak/silly-written comment to CFA earlier today via their website:
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Sent: 1/11/2008 02:48:16 PM


Subject: Chick-fil-A Web Form Message

What the hell is up with continuing to use styrofoam cups? You should give

people a minimum of atleast 10-20 cents off a beverage order for those that are

earth-concious enough, and want to make a positive difference and start creating

less trash. Lets face it... fast food = fast trash... and TONS of it....

wouldnt it be awesome of you all to start creating a more positive change... and

an idea that hasn't caught on yet with too many large companies. COME ON. Do it

for the cows. Make you mooooooooooooooooooove now.


And here is a response I've gotten back so far:

Dear Miss Bolton:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Chick-fil-A. You are very important to

us, and we appreciate your comments and questions.

We want you to have a great dining experience each time you visit our

Chick-fil-A stores. The type and amount of packaging we use is intended to

ensure that our customers are able to maximize their enjoyment of our food and

beverages while at the same time meeting our strict sanitation and temperature


We share your concerns regarding the environment. Although customer feedback

reveals that the majority of our customers favor the type and style of packaging

that we use, we are constantly looking for more economically and more

ecologically sound alternatives. Our polystyrene containers (drink cups) have

never been produced using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and are, therefore, ozone

safe. Foam products are more easily recycled than plastic, coated, or treated

paper products.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception that paper food service containers are

easily recyclable. In order to be used as food containers, paper must be

treated or coated in some way. For instance, most cups are either coated with

wax or a polyethylene film. Even though it is possible to recycle paper if the

coating or film is removed, it is, for all practical purposes, unrealistic to do


Biodegradability is another issue of concern. Contrary to popular belief,

landfills are not giant compost heaps, where contents rapidly degrade. Research

has shown that paper buried in landfills does not biodegrade very quickly.

Therefore, there is no advantage in using paper over foam if the issue is


We do appreciate your business and want to please you as well as all our other

customers. To the best of our ability, we make our decision on that basis;

however, it is sometimes difficult to please everyone with everything we do.

Again, thank you for your time and interest in Chick-fil-A. We look forward to

serving you in one of your local Chick-fil-A Restaurants soon.



Chick-fil-A CARES

Chick-fil-A...We Didn't Invent The Chicken,

Just The Chicken Sandwich.

On the Web at


And here is my latest EMAIL to Miss Tamara with CFA:

Hey there, Tamara. Good evening to you.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, here.

So, question for you, as you state below:

"Foam products are more easily recycled than plastic, coated, or treated

paper products."

Are you actually recycling these foam cups/containers than you speak of?

Where can I find proof of this?

Doesn't seem like I can find any of this info on your website.

Why is that?

Shouldn't you want to drown out/shut up the "conspirators" like myself who feel like you're in a sense, not doing enough?

Or at least, could be doing more?

Why don't you all have sorting bins at each of your restaurants?

Wouldn't this just aide in the recycling process--wouldn't this just save some steps, including time, and everyone's money?

Not too mention, the environment?

And, also, prevent a lot of these used materials from even touching a landfill or two?

Also, are you all aware of Biodegradable corn-based plastics?

What is your take on this?

They're the latest "trend" that seems to be catching on.

Here are some links that I feel your team should consider reading up on:

(And actually... if you plug "Biodegradable Corn-Based plastics" into any search engine... you'll find wayyyyyyy more links and info and insight

than I could even have the time to send you.)

This article came out in 2003:.. (I think we're in 2008 now.)

This article reads how Europe is making a commitment to these "new" measures of biodegradable-tech:

Here' s just ONE company you all could invest in.. or atleast LOOK into doing business with.

DEFINITELY curious on your take and rebuttal on why Chick-Fil-A hasn't made the switch.. or any real changes in their policies yet.

I am a consumer.

And I am not alone with my feelings on this.

By the way, I am very aware as to how specific landfills do not "breath" in the sense of how a TRUE compost does, which is why, even

certain types of organic matter, like even Banana peels may take up to even 40 years to break-down, not too mention exude toxic gases such as methane

when they finally do start to break down/decompose.

So, please spare me as to why you use foam vs paper at this point.

AND, AS FAR AS a business aspect of this is concerned,

wouldn't you want to appeal to the masses right now,

with our current and VERY REAL global situation at hand, as looking like a GREEN COMPANY?

As looking like a green company, that actually cares about making a difference?

As looking like a Large, American corporation that is infact looking out for the greater good?

AND NOT JUST for how much money they can cram into their pocket, and what else they can throw

over their shoulder and discard as trash, and someone else's, or GOD FORBID, some other nation's problem?

This is OUR problem.

You have a chance to do so MUCH, Tamara.

Take full credit for this, I don't care.

Please as a MORAL issue, please do something more.

Start a chain reaction here.

Do you plan on having kids one day?

Leaving future generations anything?

Thanks for your time, and again, looking forward to hearing back from you,

Maria Bolton


And we'll wait and see how this fire goes.............
yay for potential change.

I am boycotting the chain starting TODAY.


KeelanParham said...

I love Chic Fil A!!!!!

Go after McDonald's.....

KeelanParham said...

Love ya, Hurricane!

Doctor Jim said...

Miss Bolton,

I agree with your concerns and have sent a email letter of my own to combat this problem:

Dear Chick-fil-A,
I have been a loyal customer of your restaurants since one first opened at Westgate Mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I was raised. I have always appreciated your family oriented values and your willingness to take a stand for what the founder believes. I respect that.
The reason for my letter relates to your use of Styrofoam. I now live in Indianapolis and over the last few years I have become educated about the dangers caused by this material and have come to the conclusion that your use of traditional Styrofoam cups is not appropriate in today's world. I have investigated your response to this problem and find your answer to be unenlightened regarding the dangers of waste Styrofoam on the environment, regardless of its potential ability to be recycled. It kills birds and other animals who eat the small pieces of your cups because small pieces of Styrofoam end up looking exactly like the food many water birds eat.
I would like a response from you that shows me your desire to be an environmentally conscious company that truly loves families and children and wishes to protect them and the world they live in. Although your food is my favorite lunchtime meal and I have eaten at your restaurants more than 10 times per month for most of my life, I will now need a much better response from your company before I can continue to support you by eating at your restaurant.
I also wish to add that I did meet Sam Hartman, the storeowner of the location I most often frequent and expressed my concerns to him. I found him to be courteous regarding my concerns, but he merely expressed the same company policy on this topic and directed me to the website.
Please contact me at with your response and please be sure it goes beyond a trite discussion of the recycle potential of paper cups versus Styrofoam cups.
I generally am not an activist and am highly reluctant to do this, but I feel that this is the only action I can take which will have an impact on your company policy to use Styrofoam.
Your response to this could be a wonderful advertising tool causing families to wish to support your company more than they do. Please carefully consider this problem as I fear it will plague your company until it is successfully resolved.
James W. Van Manen, Ph.D.

I hope we can spread the word and have a positive impact on this company as well as others to do the right thing. We must make the right thing the cost effective thing for them to do. Fewer customers lead to a decreased bottom line which will turn this problem around much faster than any other method.