Friday, November 16, 2007


This past Wed, I got to be an honorary teacher, and talk to 6, third class rooms, for about 20 min a piece about me being an artist.

And, how I am also a graphic designer, and also still do traditional art.
We discussed what graphic design is, and how it influences them, and their parents with everything that they buy. From cereal boxes, t-shirts, backpacks,.. lunchboxes... things they could relate to.

We discussed animations and cartoons... we talked about the differences between 2/d and 3/d art... also talked about claymations and what they are.

We talked about how the computer plays an important role in taking their drawing skills, and taking them to an even higher level.

I touched up on how these things are all possible.. by knowing the programs and how to use the computer to have it do what you want....

and the best part of all,... I took it back to READING.
And how reading... is so so so crucial, not just in the art world, but in the world around them.. and to just do well in life, and succeed and make money.. and take care of themselves...

Told them how its a powerful thing.. and for them to read as much as possible...

It was such an awesome experience.
I got allll super animated myself about talking about this stuff to them.. and I asked them questions.. so they could participate with holding up their hands... I let them ask me questions...

I brought in my easel, and had a demo caricature sketch with me.. told them about doing caricatures.. and what an easel is... etc etc.

Just a glorious time.

I am obsessed with third graders right now.

As a teacher put it
"This is at a point in their lives when they're not learning to read, they're reading to learn."

And wow, does that make so so so much sense.
Its amazing.

You should have seen the faces of there kid's light up, when I was telling them about art, and cartoons.. and showing them examples of my work.. and telling them that Ive been drawing since I was 5....

Adn I was encouraging those that love art.... to stick with it...

etc etc.

A glorious time.

Cant wait to finish my BA degree now.
And make it all happen.

I love kids.

*OH, I also had on a shirt that I "made" with a screening process ( anyway..
It has a HUGE RECYCLE logo on the back of it.. and I asked them if they knew what it was... some did.. and we briefly talked about how IMPORTANT it is to recycle.. etc etc.

TWAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really would like to go back sometime soon.. and talk to the other grades about this stuff..... all on a level that each grade can relate to of course.

Updates to come.

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