Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some pics of hiking in N. GA a few weeks ago..

My obsession is hiking and mountains. And, you can't get that in FL. Sorry. I know.
So, at some point.. in a few years, after Andrew and I are wed....
we'll be moving.. to Colorado no doubt. Ft Collins sounds and reads as amazing.
I've only been to the SW end --Durango. Awesome town as well.

BUT.. in the meanwhile... we get away when we can.
N. GA is awesome.

So.. we checked out where the base of the Appalachian Trail starts.
AND... we're plotting when exactly we'll do the whole, more than 2,000 mile trail.
At some point. NOT TOO far away. :)

So.. here's some pics of our travel....


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ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Where was this in N. Georgia?! my school is kinda near the mountains...