Thursday, June 03, 2010

Updates... JUNE!?!? WOW!!

Out walking Maggie-Doggie the other day.. and low and behold.. the Beautiful Sand Hill Cranes... and do you see the little wonder that they are protecting!? SO CUTE!!!

Some NEW cuties at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland where I volunteer... we've got here a lil screechy (Screech Owl) with a permanently injured right eye. SO CUTE!!! LOOK AT HIM!!! Poor lil guy! You can't help but feel sorry for him.. but, he'll live just fine in captivity as an "Education Bird."

And then, here, a lil Red Shoulder Hawk baby! Look at him hiding under the table! :)
Both these guys are imprinted (AS WELL AS permanently injured) and cannot be released back into the wild. They will go on to be Education Birds/Ambassadors to a center. Imprinted means that they are now habituated with people, and would no longer be able to survive in the wild. This doesn't mean that they're pets in ANY way. They're still VERY wild, and need to be respected as such. Trust me, I wish to give them hugs!!! SO CUTE!

A caricature that I did for free of a neighbor's Grandson. SO CUTE.
My neighbor is awesome -- he always gives us vegetables from his AWESOME garden! SO, this was my way of saying THANKS!! :)

Drew an awesome musician friend of mine at a local market! SHE HAS THE MOST AMAZING voice!!! And soul, I tell you!!! She liked the sketch. I was pretty happy with it as well :)

Drew some awesome Friends of mine! They're so cute!!!

A typical night at TuTuTango on IDRIVE: What my set-up USUALLY looks like. I dig messy :) HA! ;) Hand-drawn greeting cards for sale -- all blank on the inside, and they come with an envelope. Also.. I create lil paintings, and try to sell those. I enjoy creating pop-looking art... love colors.. and love a happy mode :) Can you tell!?

Another pic. FORTUNATELY, some of this art has sold recently! YAY! ;)Here's to paying off some MORE debt! HEH. :)

AND, the latest commission! WhooT! :)

Working on redoing some brochures/art for the local zoo right now.
It's part of my internship with VCC.
Here's a teaser. MORE/cleaner updates on this to come soon! ;)

The back: (THIS is a TRI-FOLD design)

I STILL canNOT believe that it is JUNE! Ok.. it's like 2:30 am.
Should go to bed. More updates soon.
FiNALLY getting a lil caught up on life.. whoooOO Hoo!
Thanks for your time :)

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