Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A couple updates...

Created a FAMILY TREE illustration for a gal I know.
16 x 20 inches, on a sturdy water color paper, done with pencil, pen & acrylic paints. This was all her concept, I just took notes, and this is what was created. ;)

*She gave me the amount of people(leaves)/branches that needed to go on here,
and she will be adding the leaves soon herself. She is cutting, and labeling the said leaves with names. ;)

This was my "demo" of what her tree may look like AFTER she adds all the leaves herself. These are just some example/sample leaves that I quickly cut from some magazines. JUST to give her a better idea of the final product this way.

Created a caricature/illustration for a client for her relatives as a wedding/engagement gift. About 14 x 17 inches in size. Marker, pen, acrylic paint, and color sticks ;)

AND.. more updates to come tomorrow on additional projects that I am working on.
Cheers!!! Where does the time go, btw!? :(

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