Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sleeping soon!?

Got some updates with art below... finally! :)

All done on a cold press stock... 9 by 12 or something... nothing fancy.
Bic Pen and Acrylic Paint.. some watered down to look like gouache/watercolor.

First one... figure it out whom I attempted a fun poke at.

Second... Andrew (the fiance) was outta town... and I created this while hanging at his pad.. and keeping his doggie-dog company...

Third... a piece created for a friend of mine. :)


I've got a painting that I've worked up of my dog to place up here.. possibly tomorrow...

OH.. and some doodles and sketches that I made while Joe and Danielle were in town.

So So So fun catching up and hanging with the art kids!!! Miss that bunch.
Sushi and laughter was had by all tonight... glad they didn't kick me out for being...... me.

... and now.. to attack that homework... Hmmm....


Federico Bertolucci said...

Ciao Maria, grazie per il tuo commento sul mio blog, sei davvero gentilissima! Ti faccio anch'io i miei complimenti, sei veramente una caricaturista bravissima! Ed ora ecco una traduzione automatica...

Hello Maria, thanks for your comment on mine blog, the six indeed kindest one! I you make anch' mine I compliment, six truly one caricaturista best! And hour here one automatic translation...

Angie said...

Ha ha, a vibrator! Good one Maria!
Like your coloring.

I'm not attending the Con either. boo hoo.
Maybe the next one, possibly a mini con, right?

MariaBolton.com said...

Angie... took me a second.. I was like.. huh!? It's actually my arm.. what it is that I think you're seeing instead of what I intended. Ahem! :O)

Thanks for the kind words though.. and yeah... I'd be down for a mini-con! :)

LĂȘA said...

I like these a lot. I love the combination of the colouring and the inking in the first two. Bye!

jeff said...

the colors!
i love colors