Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A doodle I did a while back.. of Ken with the red cap...and there you have a glimpse at "underground" DAN... as mentioned on Joe's bloggie... Dan and Ken are awesome... BUT.. Dan TOTALLY needs to get a blog... his sketches are pretty insane and just yell out FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

A doodle Joe B did way back when now... of Nate, me and him! Fun FUN!

A doodle Keelan did of me the other day after that big Disney gig.. heart it!

OK.. outta here.. more updates to come!!!
Have a great rest of the week alllllllllllllllllllllll!

Holla. ;O)
me me me


Garrett said...

Keelan's sketch of you is Dead On! That is awesome!!!!! So when are we going to hang out?

MariaBolton.com said...

Thanks G-Man... and where the heck have you been!? What are you doing jobwise!? Holla! me ;O)

Ken Knafou said...

Sigh...that reminds me of better times at work. Seems we had a lot more fun doing dumb crazy silly sketches back then. Also thanks for drawing me twice on that sketch, it makes me feel important. And yes, dan needs a blog, but I dont think he can be talked into it. I think if he started one, he'd actually start having fun doing it. We gotta hang out soon, BTW.