Thursday, May 31, 2007

Working on...

Two things here.
Redesign of the gator logo...
Eddie-- notice the few updates I did -- Darker Green, Brighter Belly, Diff sets of eyes, change in Cheese, and the drop of the little circles/details on the gator.

ALSO--STILL working on getting info with possible font choices for the lettering on the sign --perhaps I can work on an original font face afterall --not sure. Should be hearing back from some friends soon on this issue.

AS FAR AS THE MENU GOES -- Just one idea I had (I doodled this up at work.. and shot a lousy digital pic of it last minute tonight...), it has gator teeth being visible on the top and bottom of the menu --to add a fun artistic element to the menu. AND, incorporates the same imagery on the logo, and ties in the whole "BIG MOUTH" ideal as well.. what do you think?

Use little subs as a border as well? OR, perhaps a mustard/ketchup trail strewn across the bottom.. to act as a border between the content you sell and the CATER portion...

ALSO, my tag line for possible catering: "CATER WITH THE GATOR" ::grins:: :)
and we'll have everything listed/etc. (Not everything is visible on this rough -- ex: need to include combo special on here, as well as a few other things..)

ALSO--funny, a friend of mine at work thought of "Gator Tots" as a side...
Nice, right!? :)

Thanks again, talk soon!

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