Monday, February 02, 2009

Good stuff....

Gatorland with the Fam this past Saturday.. twas awesome!!!
(The cute little blonde hair boy.. he's the kid of the awesome mom taking our pic! :)

And Andrew and I did an awesome lake clean up this past Sunday!!! WHOO HOOOOO!
He and I alone collected about 30 lbs worth of trash and recyclables from the Little Econ! The rest of the gang found even more.. and some old rusted BIKES TOO!!! Its amazing what people throw away into the environment! Its just sad! :(

Hope to do the next Lake Clean-Up coming up this Sunday!
More info here at
Thanks to Beth and the crew.... this was her 537th LAKE/WATER CLEAN UP!!!
I love her!
I love all these guys for helping out and being so badass!!! :)
More to come ;)

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