Saturday, May 17, 2008


So.. went to my fav place--everyone's. Their local dentist office. Mine is in DP. Good times were had.

Well, no cavities. No little trolls or goblins hiding out it caverns and such in my mouth. Good luck to them as it is. My teeth are so close together, hell, I have a hard enough time flossing as it is. I honestly do. I have the projects in my mouth. A true ghetto. A brood of teeth that are better buddies than anyone you know. More so than the Rat-Pack -- ps: bought uber cool Frank Sinatra stamps today at the post office. Seriously. Go get some.

Anywho... glad to have no cavities.

And then, you know what?
I'm a sucker for a good deal, maybe I was Seinfeld in a former life (I dated a Jewish guy, I can make these kinds of jokes. It's in the rule book. I'm serious. Go look it up. Page 343. Paragraph 5 I think it is...)

As I was saying, they were having a special on Teeth Whitening-- aka, Teeth- Bleaching. Typically runs for about 600 a pop, and I got mine done at a whopping $250. YES! I know! How could I let this get away? RIGHT!

So, being a picses (March 5th, btw), I took the bait... hook (see the picture), line a sinker. And it sucked. No dentist utensil humor here. I wish this upon no one.
It burned. Bleached my GUMS white, parts anyway, for about an hour... and man.. sensitive teeth for over a day and a half. And you know what.. not so impressed. BLAH. Maybe Ill down a few lattes and espressos next time I ever, EVER consider doing this again. Or take up smoking for a week. Make them work like a girl on OBT. (I'm kidding.)

So yeah. Hope you like the pic. Says it all.
Looks like I got puked on by cookie monster.
I did.

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