Friday, August 10, 2007

I quit my JOB!

That's right! No more Sea World... in one week. DONE.

And.. then... more time to myself.. and MY art.. and my freelancing.. and just doing what I NEED to be doing with my time. ALL of my time.

Be it with Caricature gigs... digital work.. paintings.. and even more so.. focusing on the kid's books of MY own... that I've had in MY head for so long now... I need to get them out out out of my brain!


Good night ALL! ;O)


Q7D2 said...
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KeelanParham said...

Cool! Good luck! I know you'll're very talented.

Glad you added in the "doing gigs" thing, though, since you're doing one with me soon!

Cya then!

Angie said...

Hey Maria!

I love this style cartoon of yourself! Use it!! :)