Thursday, April 26, 2007

"what I done did."

so so tired.
school semester is over.
all is goodie.

time to crank it up a few more notches with working and freelancing.. and making some more dinero...

so yeah.

this piece.
well... it came out more political than I originally wanted...
see what you can interpret from this.

it's a front and back of a Flax mag, Cover. (seen here as the back on the left and the front of said magazine on the right... you would fold it.)

WAY more to come.. I am so so behind on updates.. I KNOW IT! :(


Garrett said...

I like the visual texture you built up, and the colors on the cover draw me in. What was the cover story? Is your political message that Americans are handcuffed by debt? My god! Its like looking in the mirror! said...

Youre so funny.. and right on with this, Mr G!!! HA... just.. aww.. I hope you dont feel like youre looking in the mirror TOO much.. I feel bad!! GAH!